Experience the American Festival in Lang Son on the occasion of April 30

 United States Festival - Lang Son 2022 takes place in Mailand Hoang Dong urban area (Lang Son city). The event promises to become an activity to attract tourists on the occasion of April 30 and May 1.

2022 is the first year that the United States - Lang Son festival 2022 is held. This is an event imbued with local cultural identity, converging many unique activities of Lang. Not only contributing to the excitement of Lang Son tourism, the festival is expected to attract local people and a large number of domestic and international tourists.

Le Hoi Ky Hoa, Lang Son Anh 1Le Hoi Ky Hoa, Lang Son Anh 2

Coming to the United States Festival 2022, visitors can directly participate in activities and feel the cultural beauty of Lang. Photo: Chi Toan.

The festival is organized by the People's Committee of Lang Son province, with the sponsorship of Sovico Group, Phu Long Company. In addition to contributing to the promotion of Vietnamese traditional culture, the United States festival is one of the activities to promote the beauty of Lang Son - a prosperous border gate city, with charming scenery of the border region. the name "town of business bowls".

The opening ceremony of the event took place at 8 pm on April 29. Within the framework of the festival, the story of the United States is "told" through the journey of experiencing the "Five Colors of the United States" - representing 5 characteristics of the culture of the land of Lang, including: Native Sac, Future Sac, Coherent Shades, Tonal Shades and Natural Shades.

The festival also recreates the cultural beauty of local ethnic minorities, through performances by artisans to introduce unique cuisine, traditional crafts, display and exhibition of products. OCOP products and famous specialty gifts.

In addition, visitors can enjoy traditional art performances such as excerpts from the Then ceremony, excerpts of the stage of Ky Cung - Ta Phu festival; performing lion and cat dance, performing singing exchange then, sli, luong, adoration dance, weeding, tong con, bird's nest...

Most of the festival's space is dedicated to entertainment with golf courses, recycled playgrounds; check-in and admire the natural scenery of Lang on a hot air balloon; conquer the maze "Follow the United States" - one of the largest mazes in the Northeast - with attractive prizes.

Not only encapsulated in cultural activities, the United States - Lang Son 2022 festival also has an area for relaxation, exchange and enjoyment of art such as camping, outdoor movie watching, "Music concert" with love songs in the sunset… Attending the event, visitors can experience an exciting journey in a land rich in cultural identity.

After a day of participating in activities at the United States festival, visitors can enjoy a meaningful holiday with the experience tours "American States of Lang", along with a series of famous tourist sites such as Tam Thanh Pagoda, Mau Dong Dang Temple, Ky Cung Temple, Ta Phu Temple, Ky Lua Street, Mac Dynasty Citadel, Nang To Thi, Chi Lang Pass, Dong Kinh Market, Mau Son Tourist Area...

Coming to Lang Son on the occasion of the 30/4-1/5 holiday, visitors can immerse themselves in the colorful border festival and live every moment in Lang. This is a journey that encapsulates all emotions, helping visitors regenerate energy and satisfy their passion for discovery.

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