'King' Park Hyo Shin accuses the management company of oppressing

  Because of conflicts with the management company, Park Hyo Shin has not been able to do artistic activities for three years.

On April 16, SpoTV News reported that male singer Park Hyo Shin first shared the reason for stopping artistic activities in 3 years. The star who is recognized as the "king" of Korea said that his music career was at a standstill because of a financial conflict with the management company Glove Entertainment.

In 2021, Park Hyo Shin requested to terminate the contract, but Glove Entertainment refused. Both have filed lawsuits against each other. According to Park Hyo Shin, he was not paid by his management company for concerts, fan meetings, album sales commissions and especially contract deposits as promised by Glove Entertainment in 2016.

Park Hyo Shin quickly lost to his company 1

Park Hyo Shin's career was fraught with disagreements with the management company. Photo: KoreaBoo.

"I haven't had any artistic activities since 2019. This is beyond my imagination. I have neither economic nor human support from the company. I try to be patient again and again. to wait for the situation to get better, but there was no change, even more pressure. That's why I was absent for 3 years, "Park Hyo Shin shared.

He said he will not be active in the entertainment industry for a while to settle the lawsuit with Glove Entertainment. The male singer apologized for continuing to miss his appointment and made the audience wait for his return.

Park Hyo Shin was born in 1981. His favorite songs include I am a Dreamer, Winter Sound, The Day - soundtrack Mr. Sunshine. In 2016, he expired his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment, transferred to Glove Entertainment.

After releasing 2 singles "Goodbye, Lover", held the concert Park Hyo Shin Live 2019 Love Bus: Are Your Love? and a fan meeting called Park Hyo Shin STPD 2019 Love Bus: Behind the Scenes, the male artist's musical career froze.

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