Tu Hy Vien was absent from her husband's show

  After remarrying with Koo Jun Yup in early March, Tu Hy Vien has not yet appeared with her husband. She prioritizes taking care of her two young children.

On April 16, ETtoday reported that Koo Jun Yup, Tu Hy Vien's husband, performed at a bar in Taiwan as a DJ. The concert of the Korean male artist was packed with the audience despite the stressful epidemic. They carried a photo of Tu Hy Vien to welcome Koo Jun Yup's first public appearance.

According to ETtoday, Tu Hy Vien did not attend the event to support her husband. The reason is that Koo Jun Yup performed late in the morning, ending at 3am. While the female artist often does not go out in the evening because she has to take care of two small children and go to bed at 9 pm.

Tu Hy Vien is better than you 1Tu Hy Vien is better than you 2

The marriage of Tu Hy Vien - Koo Jun Yup attracts the media. Photo: Sina.

Therefore, Tu Hy De and her husband, businessman Hua Nha Quan, came to see his brother-in-law perform on behalf of his sister. MC from Taiwan and DJ Koo sing and dance many songs. In an interview, Tu Hy De gave his new brother-in-law 100/100 points, and said that Koo Jun Yup was perfect in every way. She shared that next time she would bring her mother and mother-in-law to see her brother-in-law perform.

Koo Jun Yup and Tu Hy Vien announced their marriage on March 8. They got married after a few months of chatting online, although they have not seen each other after 24 years of separation. On March 28, the two completed the marriage registration procedure in Taiwan.

Some sources said that Tu Hy Vien and DJ Koo signed a prenuptial agreement. Accordingly, Hy Vien's pre-marital properties belong to her two children, not related to Koo Jun Yup.

During the marriage, the male artist is obliged to earn money to take care of Tu Hy Vien, and to support her in raising her own children. The manager of the Summer Bubble star confirmed that Tu Hy Vien and Koo Jun Yup were independent in terms of work and personal property. After a period of cultivating feelings for his wife, Koo Jun Yup will leave Taiwan to work in New York (USA) in May.

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