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Virtual Assistance: The Best Way to Earn As a Freelancer

The Virtual Assistance is generally can be defined as self-employed and provides professional administrative or creative assistance to clients, and the individual has the choice to work from the home office. The good thing about the Virtual Assistance job is like independent contractors besides of the employees. Virtual Assistance mainly works for the other small business along with the support of business executives.

Do you know there were many jobs available for Virtual Assistance? Just sit back and work from home and add revenue as a Virtual Assistance. Here you will get the best website where you can work as Virtual Assistance.

Required Things to be Ideal Virtual Assistance:

A laptop with high internet speed

Separate and personal phone line

Having knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Google Suite: Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Plus.

Best Websites to Find Virtual Assistance Job


1) Freelancer:

The most popular and the best platform where you can easily find freelancers and can work as a freelancer.

Here the process is straightforward you just need to sign up for an account and through which you will be able to find the job via going through their job list. The numbers of jobs and opportunity in this platform is huge.

Just go and register yourself on the site and you will be able to apply for the freelancing job. The payment method will be PayPal, or you can use any other alternative.

2) Guru:

Guru is the best option for the Virtual Assistance, and this is one of the systematic approaches. You can hire a Virtual Assistance quickly, or you can work as VA through GURU.

Just go and visit Guru.com and sign up for finding the Virtual Assistance jobs through their networks. This one is the top destination for the employers. Quickly you will get the job through the dashboard.

3) UPWork (Earlier ODesk):

This one is similar to the Guru and the most popular freelance job website. But ODesk is not entirely for the VA jobs and the many employers always looking for a job on this platform.

 4) Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon Mechanical Turk is still unknown to many of the people. You can say this one is the Marketplace for the work. They call it as the “human intelligence task.”

Here you will be getting paid for the works like cleaning the data, websites information, keyword finding, creating and editing content and giving the relevant feedback. The opportunities you will get here is enormous.

5) Elance:

And this one is the best online staffing platform in the United States by the Upwork. This company is mainly inspired by an article “The Dawn of the E-Lance economy.”

This one is the worlds leading site for the online work, and here you will quickly get jobs opportunity if you have some particular set of skills. Just show your portfolio, and the probability of getting hired will be more. Here you can acquire skills like SEO experts, sales consultants, PHP Developers and many options available. Just sign in and create the account on the site of the Elance and you will be able to get hired by someone for the Virtual Assistance jobs.

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