How to register for Google Adsense Latest 2023

 How to register for Google Adsense Latest 2023

The form of making money Google Adsense is no longer strange, this is the most prestigious online money making program today. However, to own a Google Adsense account is not easy. Because Google is always strict in accepting applications from users.


When making money online, especially in the MMO profession, it is imperative that you understand the Google Adsense account. It is simply understood as an advertising service developed and operated by Google worldwide.

After you have successfully registered for an Adsense account and approved by Google to work, you can generate advertising codes to make money. All of these ads are coordinated and managed by Google, given its own algorithms, so you won't know when the ads will appear. Refer to the Google Ads course to learn more about advertising on Google

You need to be aware of the operation of your Google Adsense account because it can be locked at any time if you do not comply with the committed policy as follows:

Content displayed advertising infringes copyright.

– Register and use multiple Google Adsense accounts on the same computer.

Use tricks to encourage users to click on fake ads.

– Improperly pulling traffic…

Types of Google Adsense accounts

Hosted account

When using a Hosted account to run Google Adsense, only ads on Google-managed pages will be displayed on your site, Your self-generated promotional codes also cannot be used. This is the reason why many people, even though they have added the ad code, only display a blank white color.

Content account

This is an account that is obtained when fully meeting Google's requirements for content, visits, ....which is usually very difficult to do. With this account you can display full ads on any domain.

3. Ways to make money from Google Adsense

Currently, there are two forms of making money from Google Adsense, which are:

CPC (Cost per click): With this form, you will receive money every time someone clicks on an ad on your page, depending on the valuation of each advertiser and the hotness of the news, the amount for a different clicks.

CPM (Cost per million impressions): This can be seen as a cumulative method, for every 1000 times an ad is displayed on Google, you will be paid. For pages with large visits, this form can bring you a lot of profit.

Although divided into 2 different ways, when you post ads, Google defaults to you using both ways.

To continue learning about this unique way to make money online, read part 2 of the Google Adsense user guide, which will outline the necessary conditions when you want to cooperate with Google.

Conditions for registering google adsense for website
First, to register for google adsense for your website, you must meet the following mandatory conditions. That is, you must possess at least one of the two elements.
You are a website administrator when doing Google Adsense Content.
You are a Youtube channel admin for Google Adsense Hosted.
If you are not the administrator of the website, it is very difficult to register for google adsense. Because in the registration steps, there is a step to insert the code to confirm the owner.
Conditions are sufficient to make money with Google Adsense when you already have one of the following conditions. If you have more than one condition, even better.
Website with stable traffic
The website has a stable and sufficient amount of traffic. The usual number is 300 traffic per day which is from 9 to 10 thousand traffic per month.
Website does not contain prohibited content
Websites that develop content and build interfaces do not violate Google's policies. Not belonging to prohibited content such as pornography, objectionable content, reactionary, etc.
The website does not copy the articles of other websites
Content on other websites may not be copied in its entirety. Sometimes you can copy some articles, but it is still best to cite the source of the copy so that it is not marked.
Operation time is at least 1-2 months
What is Google Adsense? Conditions for registering google adsense for website
Website has been active for at least 1 to 2 months. In fact, to increase the probability of being approved you should develop at least 6 months or more.
Minimum number of posts 30 posts/day
The next condition is about the minimum number of posts. The minimum should be 30 posts a day. This is not a condition that Google sets, but it is a motivating factor and helps you achieve good traffic.
Website ensures safety, does not steal user information
Website is safe, no embed code, malicious code. Does not contain links or malicious software, not created for the purpose of stealing user information.

How to register Google Adsense for YouTube

Step 1: To register Adsense for YouTube channel you just need to select "Make money" then click on the question "How will I get paid?"
Step 2: Select “Link Adsense account”.
Step 3: You choose “Next” to log in or create an account.
Step 4: Proceed to create an account or log in.
Step 5: Switch to Vietnamese language and accept the link.
Step 6: Enter information and click “Submit my application”
Step 7: Wait for Google to respond. If successfully commented, you will be emailed by Google.
When you successfully log in to your Google Adsense account, you will be redirected to a new page and you need to select the Vietnamese language and agree to accept the link. When you accept the link, it means you have successfully linked with Adsense account (If you already have Google Adsense account before). And you do not have an account, you need to register to create an account for the YouTube channel!
However, before receiving payment via Google Adsense you need to submit an application and it must be approved. Then, provide contact information for you to receive money and PIN when your YouTube channel earns 100$.

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